I love being around creative people. Last night I had a creators dinner at Lavo with the lovely Ezarik sisters, also know as @iJustine and @jennaezarik on all things social media. We were joined by some other amazing content creators: @nadeshot, @captainsparklez and @miniladdd. Justine and Jenna are long time supporters of the brands and I always love seeing them. I'm fascinated by creativity and I was surrounded by some of the best YouTube content creators in the game last night. Since I'm still on my social media cleanse I did find it difficult at times to resist picking up my phone and tell everyone what I was eating for dinner, but it was actually great. in a way I don't miss it really. It's kind of freeing to not care what anyone else is doing but myself. We celebrated @nadeshot's Bday and afterwards I crawled into bed falling asleep to season 4 of Sex & The City. Sorry my photos suck. 


I'm about to launch a new program at work that I've been working on for a few months and I'm currently in crunch time. Finalizing things, meetings after meetings, deadlines for press, editing videos, and troubleshooting among other things. After a very long day yesterday I kind of decompressed and had a good thought, about creation. It's fascinating to me that this idea came to me, i plucked it out of my brain, and me and the team are bringing it to life. Filming the video for the launch, I wrote the script, designed the concept and produced the edit. The process of giving birth to an idea, bringing it to life and putting it out into the world. 

"Everything you can imagine is real." - Pablo Picasso 

Random Thoughts

Streaming music is great but I still always love physical albums the most. 

I'm reading the Harry Potter books and currently on Order of The Phoenix. I wish someone would of told me how amazing they are years ago. 

There is so much good content on TV and streaming I have anxiety thinking about how would I ever be able to watch it all.

I don't know when it reached the tipping point but La Croix is suddenly everywhere. 

I have never been into cooking but suddenly I have come to love it. 

I got a new Instax Wide camera I'm obsessed with. 

BLOODLINE is my favorite show on TV.

That new Lana Del Rey track with Weeknd is like my ears are having a bubble bath. LUSH.

I'm obsessed with The Rachel Maddow Show. Where have I been??

Having your own podcast is so hot right now. 

I don't know if I can take another weekend of Coachella on social media.