Caught the Joanne World Tour on Friday night, fantastic show and phenomenal production.  I have seen Gaga i think about 6 or 7 times now, every tour. This definetly ranks up these as one of my favorites next to the Monster Ball first leg in 2009. The setlist is a perfect mix of album cuts from the new JOANNE album in addition to some staples and a few randoms. We did the GA route which was a blast, she did 3 stages so she moved around quite a bit. The highlight of the night was being right in front of the glass piano as she sang a piano version of Edge of Glory. I'm planning to go back when she returns December 16th. 


Random Thoughts

Streaming music is great but I still always love physical albums the most. 

I'm reading the Harry Potter books and currently on Order of The Phoenix. I wish someone would of told me how amazing they are years ago. 

There is so much good content on TV and streaming I have anxiety thinking about how would I ever be able to watch it all.

I don't know when it reached the tipping point but La Croix is suddenly everywhere. 

I have never been into cooking but suddenly I have come to love it. 

I got a new Instax Wide camera I'm obsessed with. 

BLOODLINE is my favorite show on TV.

That new Lana Del Rey track with Weeknd is like my ears are having a bubble bath. LUSH.

I'm obsessed with The Rachel Maddow Show. Where have I been??

Having your own podcast is so hot right now. 

I don't know if I can take another weekend of Coachella on social media.