I love being around creative people. Last night I had a creators dinner at Lavo with the lovely Ezarik sisters, also know as @iJustine and @jennaezarik on all things social media. We were joined by some other amazing content creators: @nadeshot, @captainsparklez and @miniladdd. Justine and Jenna are long time supporters of the brands and I always love seeing them. I'm fascinated by creativity and I was surrounded by some of the best YouTube content creators in the game last night. Since I'm still on my social media cleanse I did find it difficult at times to resist picking up my phone and tell everyone what I was eating for dinner, but it was actually great. in a way I don't miss it really. It's kind of freeing to not care what anyone else is doing but myself. We celebrated @nadeshot's Bday and afterwards I crawled into bed falling asleep to season 4 of Sex & The City. Sorry my photos suck.