You guys, so I’m still on my social media cleanse and I’m still eating vegan. I’m a week in on both tasks and I feel great. I was considering going back to social media today, this morning actually. But as I opened up my phone and was about to hit the Instagram app I just couldn’t do it. So, for now I’m still off. I mean I’ve been on it for what like 5, 6 years now? I think if I want to do a longer break I deserve one. To be honest I am happy with everything in my life that is changing because of it. I would say that the absence of the distraction of it this past week has been the greatest advantage. I have caught myself playing video games more on my phone, so I had to curb that. My mind seems to be programmed to go right to my phone at the first sign of boredom, so that’s the habit I’m trying to solve this week. But also, not focusing on what everyone else is doing, keeps me so much more focused on my own life. I know that’s so obvious but sometimes its good to be reminded.

Anyway, the vegetarian experiment is going good. I feel super light and my energy is still up. Trying to research as much as possible about the things I should be eating. Any help is always accepted if you have any tips. Also I finally started THE HANDMAIDS TALE last night on Hulu – I can already tell I love it.  Also finished OZARK and FRIENDS FROM COLLEGE on Netflix, both of which I loved. What are you watching?