Social Media.

I decided to go into my battery last night on my iPhone and see what was taking up the majority of my power. It ended up being social media of course. You can also hit a little clock and see how much time you spent on each app. Would you like to guess how much time I spent on social media in a 24 hour period? Roughly 5 hours....5 HOURS. Frightening. It's become clear to me now that I just immediately open my phone and go straight to Instagram and Twitter many times through out the day for no reason other than habit. I knew I was on my phone a lot, but I didint think it was that much time. Needless to say I am taking a step back for a bit. I think social media is a great thing, and can be informative. Twitter is still my go to source for breaking news. I want to devise a plan for checking social every 4 hours. As opposed to checking it constantly because of habit, anyone else tried this?