Pod Tours America

Caught another live taping of Pod Tours America last week. I had seen them once before in Santa Barbara. One of my favorite podcasts, and a phenomenal political discussion always. 



I had a great trip to Sedona on some time off recently. I was looking for somewhere to go that was quiet and relaxing. Sedona was beautiful. Caught some vortex vibes and it’s a magical place. I went at the wrong time as it was freezing, but will definitely return again when it warms up. 



Never disappoints.  

NIN  - The Joint - Las Vegas, NV 



Caught the Joanne World Tour on Friday night, fantastic show and phenomenal production.  I have seen Gaga i think about 6 or 7 times now, every tour. This definetly ranks up these as one of my favorites next to the Monster Ball first leg in 2009. The setlist is a perfect mix of album cuts from the new JOANNE album in addition to some staples and a few randoms. We did the GA route which was a blast, she did 3 stages so she moved around quite a bit. The highlight of the night was being right in front of the glass piano as she sang a piano version of Edge of Glory. I'm planning to go back when she returns December 16th. 


You guys, so I’m still on my social media cleanse and I’m still eating vegan. I’m a week in on both tasks and I feel great. I was considering going back to social media today, this morning actually. But as I opened up my phone and was about to hit the Instagram app I just couldn’t do it. So, for now I’m still off. I mean I’ve been on it for what like 5, 6 years now? I think if I want to do a longer break I deserve one. To be honest I am happy with everything in my life that is changing because of it. I would say that the absence of the distraction of it this past week has been the greatest advantage. I have caught myself playing video games more on my phone, so I had to curb that. My mind seems to be programmed to go right to my phone at the first sign of boredom, so that’s the habit I’m trying to solve this week. But also, not focusing on what everyone else is doing, keeps me so much more focused on my own life. I know that’s so obvious but sometimes its good to be reminded.

Anyway, the vegetarian experiment is going good. I feel super light and my energy is still up. Trying to research as much as possible about the things I should be eating. Any help is always accepted if you have any tips. Also I finally started THE HANDMAIDS TALE last night on Hulu – I can already tell I love it.  Also finished OZARK and FRIENDS FROM COLLEGE on Netflix, both of which I loved. What are you watching?


I love being around creative people. Last night I had a creators dinner at Lavo with the lovely Ezarik sisters, also know as @iJustine and @jennaezarik on all things social media. We were joined by some other amazing content creators: @nadeshot, @captainsparklez and @miniladdd. Justine and Jenna are long time supporters of the brands and I always love seeing them. I'm fascinated by creativity and I was surrounded by some of the best YouTube content creators in the game last night. Since I'm still on my social media cleanse I did find it difficult at times to resist picking up my phone and tell everyone what I was eating for dinner, but it was actually great. in a way I don't miss it really. It's kind of freeing to not care what anyone else is doing but myself. We celebrated @nadeshot's Bday and afterwards I crawled into bed falling asleep to season 4 of Sex & The City. Sorry my photos suck. 

So Many Cleanses, So Little Time...

Well, I spent the last two days holed up in my house due to an head cold of some kind. While in bed I decided that I needed a proper break from social media. So I am on a social media cleanse. Currently on day 3, things are actually going well now. Really well. I am getting so much more done, and I'm in a better mood overall. I have to say it's very freeing not caring what anyone else is doing, or buying or getting for free. I originally was only committing myself to 24 hours but I came to enjoy the effects of being away from it so much I extended it. I am now going for a full week. More updates on this later....

Also, I'm going vegetarian this week, No meat or dairy products. I believe that's vegan but whateve you get it. This was something I've been wanting to do for a while, really as more of a cleanse. I'm on day 2 and I feel so light, I thought I would be tired or have some shock to my system but so far everything is good.  I've been eating veggie burgers, lentils, salad, cucumbers, carrots, and sweet potatoes. Wish me luck.....


I went to see Khalid last week with my lovely friend Lori Giamela from RCA Records. I had listened to the album a few times when it was released and I loved it. Wasn't disappointed with the live show at all, he's fantastic. Highly recommend. 



Pardon the delay. I totally turned into that guy that starts a blog and then disappears. Sorry. Forgive me? Anyways, I've been running around the last month or so. So much so that I'm home sick today. I caught DNCE and Demi Lovato this past weekend at The Joint at the Hard Rock. It was  with #JBLFest, which I wasn't aware of prior but had a blast. DNCE Is so good live, they threw in some fun 90's covers  ("Wannabe", "No Scrubs") while giving us an extended version of "Cake By The Ocean". Demi ofcourse blew the roof off the building, all the while wearing a tiny green number in sequins. 



Social Media.

I decided to go into my battery last night on my iPhone and see what was taking up the majority of my power. It ended up being social media of course. You can also hit a little clock and see how much time you spent on each app. Would you like to guess how much time I spent on social media in a 24 hour period? Roughly 5 hours....5 HOURS. Frightening. It's become clear to me now that I just immediately open my phone and go straight to Instagram and Twitter many times through out the day for no reason other than habit. I knew I was on my phone a lot, but I didint think it was that much time. Needless to say I am taking a step back for a bit. I think social media is a great thing, and can be informative. Twitter is still my go to source for breaking news. I want to devise a plan for checking social every 4 hours. As opposed to checking it constantly because of habit, anyone else tried this?

What I love this week.

Copped the new Yeezy Powerphase, they are smooth and super clean. 


The Dua Lipa album is fantastic and full of solid pop tracks with a touch of dance.  


Halsey's new album is like a massage to the ears. So solid, so good. On repeat.  


The Wonder Woman movie works and it works very well. I was so surprised at how good this turned out, and it won extra points for having Robin Wright as a bad ass warrior. 


House of Cards comes back with a bang in season 5, one of my favorite seasons for sure. Twists, turns, leaks, murder and so many good secrets. I devoured in 2 days....



I've been fascinated lately thinking about people that come and go from our lives. I don't mean people that die, I mean friends that you have for a period of years and because of a job change or a move, you lose touch. It's interesting to me how you can be close to someone and experience so many things together, and then you're not anymore. Life evolves or maybe it's your evolution. You learned everything you were supposed to learn from that person, and now they make room for someone else to come in and teach you something new about yourself. It could also be I've been listening to way to much Lana Del Rey lately. I'll let you decide.  


I didn't post anything on my Instagram page in about 6 weeks until last night. I just wasn't inspired or motivated. My page aesthetic revolves around water, reflection, neon and night. That requires rain, of which we haven't had hardly any in the last few months. So, I didn't work. I used the excuse and didn't create, until finally I just said fuck it and needed to shoot something. The need to create outweighed the story I told myself in my head, thankfully. Walking around downtown last night with my music and my camera, I stumbled upon one small patch of water in the 101 degree dry desert night. I guess the lesson was, inspiration can come from anything and anywhere - but you have to be out there in the field ready to receive it. Not, on the couch.  


iPhone 7+